How Behavioral Supports Work

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At Independence Association, we know that one behavior can have many different causes. We do our best to treat our clients as individuals whose actions have real meanings. We believe that under most circumstances, we can help people make good choices that allow them a better life.

Behavioral services is the process by which we identify growth opportunities, recognize  impediments to good choices, and help clients to navigate their path to lives they prefer.

So if a client seems upset, we ask:

Why is Steve yelling?

  • Is he angry?
  • Does he think someone’s ignoring him?
  • Is he talking to someone with a hearing impairment?
  • Are his pants on fire?

We help our clients build skills that will increase independence, social acceptance, and inclusion in the community. Together with clients, families and guardians, our behavioral services team develops measurable goals to help the client meet their own aims.

Some goals successfully achieved by our clients include:

·         Practicing ordinary pedestrian safety when walking downtown

·         Showering and dressing with less assistance

·         Engaging in the usual “social courtesies” when shopping in stores and restaurants

·         Resolving conflicts with words, not fists or thrown objects

As for Steve? He stopped yelling when we taught him to approach the person he wanted to talk with – instead of addressing them from the next room.

All he wanted was to talk. And now he gets to, almost every time he wants.