Management Spotlight on David Curtis


David Curtis is the Program Manager of Independence Association’s Community Living Program where he created the now famous “Chatty Goose” program on Gilman Avenue. David came to Maine from Florida, but was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. David and his significant other Ed live in Phippsburg and have been together for over 15 years. They have two furry children; Basil the famous Jack Russell Terrier you can often see with David when he is volunteering to do extra-curricular activities and a beautiful cat named Isabella. David is a DJ and owns his own DJ Company called “DJ Haunt”. He has volunteered his DJ services to many of Independence Association events. His favorite musician is Madonna and he can tell you anything you want to know about her. Much like Madonna, David is very interested in Kabbalah, and does spiritual outreach through a regular Facebook site called Kabbalah 4 All. David is rumored to be an excellent cook, and enjoys scary movies. He owns a large movie collection and oftentimes loans his movies to the participants at the Chatty Goose. David crochets yarmulkes and sells them all over world, is a skilled web designer and knows his way around a computer. In fact, David was commissioned to create the first Independence Association “Brand Book”. Most important, the staff and people in the Community Living program are very fond of David. Although he is very busy, he makes sure he at least stops in for every Chatty Goose activity.