Management Spotlight: Christine Walker


Christine Walker is the Manager of Independence Association’s Children’s Case Management Program; commonly referred to as Targeted Case Management. She supervises three full time case managers who collectively support over 60 children and families in the greater Brunswick area.

When you first meet Christine you are greeted with an ear-to-ear smile and a heartfelt friendly greeting. Her smile is contagious and her greeting is both warm and sincere. Christine has been married for over 16 years to her husband Cullen. Together, they have a 9-year old daughter named Gabby. Gabby loves softball, and from the looks of Christine’s Facebook album, she and Cullen spend a lot of family time supporting Gabby’s softball interests.

Christine is a photography buff, and her friends will tell you that she is a talented singer too. In addition to being well known in the community, Christine is very well liked by her fellow employees and the families she serves. In September 2018, Christine will have worked at Independence Association for 20 years. Her families and fellow employees both agree that the reason Christine is so well liked is because she genuinely cares for other people. She is one of the first people to volunteer for a good cause and has organized bake sales, golf tournaments, and collected box tops in support of worthy charities.

Thank you, Christine, for all the work you do for the people we serve at Independence Association.