Behind the Scenes: The Paper Trail


How much paper does it take to maintain good relations with our funders?

Christine Walker’s children’s case management team just passed a Medicaid audit with flying colors. The Program Integrity Unit found “no deficiencies” among 529 separate documents it reviewed describing our services to 15 children over 12 months.

That averages 35 documents per child, ranging from one to nine pages per document, or about 2,600 pieces of paper. Those cost $17 to mail (certified) to DHHS and provided the backup for $1,162.08 in reimbursements to our agency.

(That paper trail doesn’t include the pages generated by the accounting office in its billing processes, by the way.)

What happens to all that paper, you might ask? We store it for seven years, as required, then shred it. If you ever stop by our administrative offices at Baribeau Drive in Brunswick, you’re likely to find one of our client employees pushing boxes of paper a few sheets at a time through our industrial shredder.

We do love trees … and we love to get reimbursed for services, too.

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