Management Spotlight: Angela Minard

Angela Minard is one of our “stronger” managers. Having worked in a family owned group home for many years, “Angel” came to Independence Association a little over two years ago to work as a DSP. Her potential was quickly evident and she was promoted to role of Manager at our Old Portland Road home. Angel is known for being firm but fair, and she earns the respect of her staff because she “leads by example”. She works long hours and is appreciated by the staff, the residents and family members. She serves as a mentor to her coworkers and is known to have a quick wit. Angel’s past group home experience; in a group home owned by her mother, can be credited for turning the serious health condition of a resident at Mae Lane from a dire, life-threatening diagnosis, to one that has become vibrant, and thriving. Her encouragement and understanding of that individual made the difference from the recommendation of “hospice care” to thriving in a matter of one month. She is one among many of our unsung heroes. Thank you Angela.