Children's Services


Our services support children aged 3-20 who have a diagnosis of developmental disability, autism, or mental health needs.

Children's Case Management

Our qualified case managers work with families in their homes for comfortable, convenient and sensitive service coordination. We offer family focused treatment planning based on strengths, needs, and preferences. We coordinate services and supports as the child's needs change over time. We help identify and connect you with resources that can meet your child's needs.

Call 207-725-4371 and ask to speak to the Program Manager of the Children’s Case Management program.

Transitional Support

Transitional Support helps youth prepare for and navigate the complex transition to life after high school.  We help youth and their families think about the big questions:


What will adulthood look like?

What will I need to be successful?

Then we help you navigate services and strategies for a sound future. Transitional support can begin as early as age 14. To avoid gaps in service, seek transition services no later than the start of the last year of school. Start with us now!